“Thanks so much for yesterday.  The feedback I’ve received so far has been tremendous.  People felt like it was fun, interesting and useful.  For that matter, I was reminded of the importance of this focus.  Staff are usually put in the position of giving out and focusing on the needs of others but I continue to get more clear of the importance of starting with self – balance and breath.  You were very helpful in sending that same message.  I particularly was pleased when I asked you after the yoga practice to step in with an ad hoc discussion and you said ‘oh sure, I know exactly what to talk about.’  And I knew you did. Thanks for supporting our program and the staff by giving your time and your skill.” -Staff Administrator at a social service agency in Portland Maine

“The classes have been therapeutic for me- before I knew I needed therapy!!! I'm using fewer pain meds, and am amazed at the strength which has returned to my body- arms, legs especially.” -B.M. 

"Susannah, I just want to let you know that I really love your Thursday night Yogave class!  I learned a lot and you helped me get thru a very tough winter! Thank you for the work you do...” A.B.

Susannah - in class this morning, I noticed that part of the mind that looks for what it thinks could be better was unusually quiet. I enjoyed the self-compassionate mini-practices interspersed with asanas. The poems and the chanting were inspirational and soothing and I felt safe. There was something for everybody, without it being watered-down. I left relaxed and alert, more present and ready for the day. Thank you for your warmth and energy. I appreciate how you treat us students, as if we are your children, showering us with an abundance of wisdom and care!       –C.V.

“I really just wanted to write you to say how much your class has meant to me, that I so appreciate your podcast, and also that I feel very inspired by your teaching style. One of my goals for the new year is to TELL the people I think are amazing that I think they are amazing!

So, much much gratitude... and a reminder at the difference you make.” –T.H.

"Your class is so much more than just a class." -C.G.

"Enjoyed your class last night!  I like the way you refer to certain poses as “supposed to be” ‘pleasurable’.  I’ve never heard it put that way & I like the way it sounds … like, it shouldn’t hurt! … it should feel awesome!" - B.F.

Susannah is such a creative yoga teacher, always pulling in useful helps from the fields of neuroscience, Hindu mythology, laughter yoga, and personal experiences. Humor and reminders to trust one’s inner wise woman/wise man make Susannah’s classes a delight. I always learn something new. Susannah incorporates kirtan before class, pranayama and meditation into the class and the blend leaves me feeling astonishingly fresh and relaxed. She takes cues from her extensive training in Iyengar, somatic movement and yoga Nidra. Fantastic all around teacher.
— A.B.

"Thank you so much for an incredible class last night! Your classes always nourish me in the most amazing ways. It's HEALING. I really loved the meditation that you did at the beginning of class... and found it so helpful..." H.P.

"Your presence and the way you hold the space for everyone is amazing and inspiring. It was a joy to witness...." C.M.

“Thanks for the wonderful class this evening. It was my first time at a fully restorative class. My usual pains are much lessened this evening. I also loved the poem you shared….”-J.K. 

“Hi Susannah - First I want to thank you for your lovely contribution to our day on Sunday….it both got the blood flowing and mellowed us out….love how yoga does both! I would love to have a copy of the fire poem….such a great metaphor for life! Thanks again for Sunday and for what you do….” -G.D. 

"Hi Susannah!  I was away this summer working... so I've been missing your classes terribly. Absolutely can't wait until the next time I get to be at one. They truly are amazing! "- H.P. 

"I am grateful for you and your contagious positive energy." -K.B.

 “I want to thank you for your work with us yesterday. Folks were thrilled to learn about and practice yoga and were particularly greatful to have your presence and guidance.  It set a perfect tone for our day and we did some really good work and team building. One person said she came feeling particularly reticent to the yoga and the full day. She was very distressed having not slept much the night before. She was feeling very emotional and negative. She found the yoga to be especially restorative and she was glad she came. Another was feeling avoidant and negative also. She had never done yoga and was predicting she would hate it. She ended up leaving the day with the goal of taking a yoga class. Thanks also for being who you are. You entered our space, knowing only me, and clearly made yourself part of the group. You were friendly and interested in everyone. I personally felt free to attend to other details as you simply became part of the group. It was refreshing. Thanks for your good work with us! Much appreciated by everyone!" - Board member, an Anonymous group

 "It was just what I needed.  I love how creative your classes are. No other teacher I’ve had is so creative."  C.G

 "I've been deeply affected by your class and your overall approach to stress relief, which I think is such a vital skill for everyone to learn."  -N.W.

"Another wonderful class last night.  It is real and amazing stuff. Thank you very much.  Already looking forward to next week's class." -D.P.

...Thanks for being such a positive force in my world. 
— M.L.

“…that was a darned wonderful class in many, many ways. You give just the right amount of challenge, just the right amount of support, just the right amount of inspiration, and just the right amount of comfort.” L.P. 

“Thank you so much for that class last night.  I left the studio feeling like all of my restorative practice had just been getting me ready for that amazing class, and just felt so relaxed and well nourished.” -B.M. 

“I just really love the way (and the what) you teach… Thank you - class was just perfect...”  -L.L.  


“I just wanted to give you props and let you know that you are an amazing teacher!  Definitely one of the top teachers in Yoga life experiences.  I've only been to 3 or 4 yoga classes of yours and can't wait to make it back in to see you again!  My husband has only been to one yoga class in his life and it was recently yours!  And to my surprise he wasn't scared away and will try it again, so you definitely must be doing something right!  I know you've probably heard all the good vibes and kudos for years (with all of the creative work you have done listed), but I still think it is always good to still hear positive things and I feel no harm in giving it to you, because you seem like a truly humble instructor and forever student.  So Thank You, Namaste, and keep up the awesome work!” - K.D.

“Hi Susannah! Thank you so much for such a lovely class last night. It always feels like I've hit the "reset" button after an evening of yoga. Nothing better. I was wondering what the title of the E.E. Cummings poem you read in class last night is. I'd love to read it again and share it with my kiddos. Thank you so much for all you do and being so welcoming even thought I was ten minutes late last night. Your classes are always such a joy!” - K.F.

You are a Goddess!” - M.M.

"You are one of the best yoga teachers I ever met. I have taken many classes from world-class teachers. Keep up the great work! You are my inspiration!" - M.S.

Thank you for all you do. It has not gone unappreciated. 
— J.D.

"Any time i think of you, i feel calm & good" - P.S.

Thank you so much for providing time and space for slow, deep release, vocally, physically and otherwise. Truly sacred. So vital.
— A.B.
I just love your “way” — the seeming spontaneity, with laughter, yet great sensitivity and skill. The room in which you work fills with such an all embracing, loving energy. It felt so good to move, relax, laugh — then go forward with the day.
— B.M.
I think you offer a remarkable class from the Kirtan to the amazing mix of yoga and pranayama, and your lovely open hearted energy!
Thank you what you do!
— J.D.

“I'm relatively new to yoga (my girlfriend has brought me to a few Thursday night sessions with you) and I can't tell you how happy I've been to learn from you. You make the classes beneficial for my mental well-being as well as physical. :) I have felt so at ease and at home in the studio when you are the instructor and I can't thank you enough!” -J. M.

"Susannah - I forget what a crucial part Yoga plays In my quest for wellness. Yoga gently reminds me that the journey is both slow and patient. Yoga gives me the ability to settle down and feel, in a way that other activities cannot touch...This evening, I received gentle reminders of how soul sustaining Yoga is.     I will return.     Thank you."  -M.B.

“Susannah, you are a breath of springtime and everything beautiful in this world!” - L.U.

"I started to listen to your podcast a year ago, complementary to my therapy sessions. My therapist is a little experiential and she was the one who made me to try some mindfulness / guided meditations and then I found you!  I am meditating with you frequently and I am so thankful. I know that it is a very personal thing: the voice of your guide, the approach and the technique... everyone may have different expectations. However you are incomparable for me, you are very authentic and peaceful. I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for contributing to my wellbeing and my joy of life!" -S.A


"Thanks for this wonderful class, Susannah!  E and I loved it, thank you for bringing this cool dimension to our week!  We really enjoy your class and your spirit!" - M.G.

“I want to thank you again for class tonight! Ahhhh it was so necessary! I have been experiencing really high levels of anxiety due to personal health issues and many issues that stem from the state of the world. Class tonight reduced that by at least 70% if not more.  Thank you thank you thank you for creating such a relaxing, meditative space!” – L.C.

“I am an UNE Social Work student and your presentation on the Four Elements of Joy was incredible. The laughter, the dance, all of it. It felt so freeing. I was blown away. It showed me that I can and even need to use my body to release some of the stress/energy that I am always taking in from my clients. I felt better for days after that, and I still smile when I think about it. It was the best thing I have done this semester.” -A.M.

"Dearest Susannah,  Thank you for the fabulous, healing work you did with the group yesterday.  It was awesome!  It was all relevant, informative, and helpful.  My thought during it was: THIS feels like the most important tool we can offer people...everything else will flow from it..." - K.B.