Susannah's Kirtana (with the Drummers of Now)

Kirtan is part of the path of yoga called Bhakti, or devotion. Although it comes out of the Hindu tradition, this practice is not religious, but is a celebration of the world and an expression of gratitude. Singing is the heart of kirtan (call & response chanting) and it doesn’t matter what you sound like; part of the practice is to cultivate non-judgment toward self and others.  Kirtan is a beautiful, powerful, renewing, transformative means of finding our heart and to our connection with Life. As meditative music, we link our voices and breath with sound and silence, merging with the bigger consciousness of beloved divine energy. No previous experience is needed.  


Sound gives expression to the body. 



Singing clears pathways in the body and carries emotions.  

Listen to some chants recorded at past kirtan events.  Just click the on the play buttons below and chant-a-long with us and consider joining us at our next event.

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