Ocean of Om

Om, or Aum or ॐ, is probably the most chanted sound among all the sacred sounds on earth. Om is called the Pranava, the sound of Prana, divine energy that pervades life and runs throughout our breath

Om is considered to be the symbol and vibration of unity between all people and all creatures and all things in the universe.

It has been said that constant repetition of the mantra, Om, can unite one with energy that is pure love, unbound by time and space.   

We will chant Om together for an hour, surrounded by musicians playing gongs, drums, didgeridoo, crystal bowls and percussion; all instruments that bathe us in resonant harmonizing tones that can create peace inside and out.

 Afterwards, we'll sit and savor the silence and the stillness.

By enjoying peace in the present moment, we are creating our peaceful future. When we practice together, our practice is strengthened. The more people we have in collective harmony, the more ability we have to transform into who we truly are. 

When we chant Om, our hearts widen like a great ocean.
We invite you to take pleasure in immersing yourself in an Ocean of Om.

2019 date to be announced

BYOC (bring your own cushion to sit on!)

Joining us:

Rob Lindsay – didgeridoo

Todd Glacy – gongs

Margaret Williams - drums

Francesco Sanfilippo – drums and percussion

Marcy Star Brennan - crystal bowls

Susannah Sanfilippo - harmonium