For Fans of Yoga/Ecstatic Dance: 

Music. Movement. Meditation.

 Move your Body and Quiet your Mind. 

We are Maine's first Live Ecstatic Improvisational Dance Band.  There is a unique human connection between the musicians and the dancers - we all ebb and flow together, co-creating spontaneous movement and powerful, in-the-moment sounds.

LoveRhythm holds a sacred space for magic to happen.  By focusing on the dancers, energy shaped with live music fosters trust, authenticity and leads us to the authentic expression of our true divinity. Free your BodyMind, Open to the Trance of Love.

Listen to and download this very, very mellow tune, "Open". Try moving with the rhythm - maybe roll around on the floor or let your heart direct your feet, notice what opens up inside....

Susannah Sanfilippo: Vocals, Flute, Harmonium, The Butterfly

Todd Glacy: Drums, The Reverend

Francesco Sanfilippo: Drums, The Friend

Todd Ketchum: Subharmonic Bass, The Recipe Man

I am still glowing from yesterday’s experience of hearing your ensemble’s beautiful interpretations and improvisation. It was magic. What an amazing gift you all offered to us—thank you again!
— K.M.
LoveRhythm made our event a HUGE SUCCESS!!! The creativity and connection they brought was truly magical. It took our dance event from craptacular to spectacular. Highly recommended!
I feel refreshed. Inspired. Exhilarated. Playful. I was so in ‘the zone’, could have danced all night. -R.G.